7 Best Alternatives CouchTuner 2019 | Is CouchTuner Legal & Safe To Use

CouchTuner is a free online service that has a huge collection of TV shows and movies. The site was found in 2010 and has increased in popularity to control an great viewership throughout the globe. On the other hand, the question that disturbs many is whether CouchTuner is legal and whether it’s safe to use. That’s what I will attempt to describe within this article. I will also supply you with a few of the best CouchTuner alternative sites.

 Is CouchTuner legal? 

In most jurisdictions, it’s illegal to broadcast copyright-protected content without the express permission of their copyright owners. Because CouchTuner is a pirate site, it is illegal. That’s why they remain becoming blocked. Whenever they suffer obstructing, they resort into subdomains to continue their actions.

 CouchTuner Subdomains That Pop Up After CouchTuner Blocking include 

  1. Couch-tuner2.in
  2. Icouchtuner.city
  3. Mycouchtuner.ag
  4. Couchtuner2.com
  5. Mycouchtuner.io
  6. Couchtuner.rocks
  7. Couch-tune2.in

Viewing movies and TV shows from CouchTuner or similar sites could lead to legal consequences depending upon your jurisdiction. Notably, the US and many European nations seem to be strict on such pursuits. I do not suggest CouchTuner for my own readers.

 Is CouchTuner Safe to use? 

Accessing CouchTuner or some other websites comes in a danger. You’re always served using malware posing as advertisements. In case you click on these ads, you may wind up corrupting your whole system. And many who’ve used the service whine of low-quality movies, and also the simple fact that there is a poor organization of articles so that finding what you’re searching for becomes hard.

The alternatives are legal and also supply you with a huge collection of movies and TV shows of the maximum quality. Rather than risking by viewing illegal CouchTuner movies free, the alternatives give the best risk-free alternative.

 7 Best CouchTuner Alternative Sites to Use in 2019 Risk-Free 




netflix alternative CouchTuner

Netflix isn’t a specific CouchTuner alternative since it isn’t free. But, it’s the top streaming service using an estimated 118 million global subscribers. Plus it’s the most extensive catalog of movies and TV shows, unlike any other streaming service. They have various strategies beginning with the simple plan that goes for $7.99, regular $9.99, and the superior strategy at $11.95. The top plan allows streaming in ultra-HD and concurrently watching on 4 displays.

Additionally, you access this Netflix original. Netflix Originals include a variety of scripted and documentary series that are created. The very first of the Netflix originals has been”House of cards”

 The Best Netflix Originals that offer Perfect CouchTuner Alternative Movies and TV shows you may want to Watch Include 

  1. Big Mouth
  2. Black Mirror
  3. Bojack Horseman
  4. Chef’s Table
  5. The Crown
  6. Dark
  7. Dear White People
  8. Easy
  9. Glow
  10. DareDevil

With such wonderful Movies and TV shows, and a one month free trial, Netflix is a perfect CouchTuner alternative.



hulu alternative couchtuner

Hulu is just another giant streaming service located in the USA that streams TV and movies live online. It’s essentially a subscription on-demand CouchTuner alternative service that supplies you with legal streaming services significance utilizing it doesn’t lead to any copyright infringements.

Hulu lets you select between both chief programs (Hulu expertise). The No Commercials program will cost you $11.99/month, while the Restricted Commercials program goes for $7.99monthly. Irrespective of the subscription you pick, you may add SHOWTIME to a subscription. Of note is that using the No advertisements plan you will watch Hulu in your favorite apparatus advertisements free.


Rainierland alternative couchtuner

Rainierland is a CouchTuner alternative because it lets you see movies and TV shows free of charge. It’s a clean interface that makes it simple for you to receive the picture or TV show of your own choice. The quality is exceptional and the database is enormous. They also always update the database. And you receive all the favorite TV shows that have DareDevil, Vikings, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and a lot more.
Rainierland is free, and you’re not required to supply your credit card information at the time of registration as occurs with numerous streaming services. On the downside, you’re served with a lot of annoying ads that type of enhances the consumer experience. Worse is that if you click the pop-up advertisements, you get redirected.

 4.Solar Movies 

solar movies alternative couchtuner

Solar Movie is a free online streaming CouchTuner alternative website with a lot of movies and TV shows. The stage is easy to use and has a lot of features such as a search box that will assist you to look for a particular picture or TV Show. It is possible to additionally pick between”New Movies,””hottest,””HD Movies,””Afterwards,” Coming Soon,” and much more.
The distinction between Solar Movie and CouchTuner is that Solar Movies takes one to register before you see some movies or TV shows.

 5.Sony Crackle 

sony crackle alternative couchtuner

Sony Crackle is a subsidiary of Sony Pictures Entertainment that offers a vast assortment of free TV shows and movies. The distinction between CouchTuner and crackle is that while CochTuner is a celebrity site, Crackle is a legal and safe to use stage that’s ad-supported. Therefore, there are no copyright infringement clinics where crackling is worried.

You’ll be able to access crackle from the notebook, tablet computers, telephones, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, in addition to Chromecast, Smart TVs, and perform channel. The CouchTuner alternative is famous for humor and activity content.

Their collection is close July or even Netflix. And you also need to contend with advertisements because you watch your favorite TV show or film.
Thus, you may require a VPN to unblock Crackle and get free movies and TV shows.

 6. Popcornflix 

Popcornflix ALTERNATIVE couchtuner


Popcornflix is a CouchTuner alternative that’s safe and legal to use. The American-based ad-supported CouchTuner alternative streaming service includes full-length picture streaming. The service does not require any type of registration so you will be up watching your favorite movie within seconds.
Their free streams comprise comedy, action, love, nostalgia, foreign movies, and many more.

They also have two more separate websites. Porpcornflixkids is devoted to kids while frightflix features terror movies. Porpcornflix children have movie segments such as”Cartoons,””Fairy Tales,””Fun for the Family,””Come Sing Along,””Pop Junior (1-4)”, “Pop Junior (4-10)”, and many others. Frightflix will frighten you with Zoombie, Creepy, Specimen, Dead Tone, Cult, Vampires, demons, Sexy, Horror, Scary great, Paranormal, Slashers, and even more.

 7. Tubi 

tubi alternative couchtuner

Tubi is the ideal CouchTuner alternative that’s free and legal. It’s free, and no vouchers or credit cards are needed. But if you register you acquire the capacity to resume play and also keep track of whatever you have watched.

Tubi isn’t geo-blocked, and consequently, it is accessible from anywhere. It is a great platform. However, you’ll have to compete with advertisements as you watch your movie.

 CouchTuner alternative closing words 

Staying away from CouchTuner is what I’d advise my readers as it may pose a danger for your devices and also for the simple fact that it is an illegal stage. I’ve given you some of the best CouchTuner alternative sites that you could use to get maximum entertainment. Finally, I’d advise you to use any of the very best VPNs that I recommend above should you stream content.

Aside from providing anonymity and security, the VPNs will help you unblock streaming stations that are not accessible for your region. Also, a VPN will allow you to prevent bandwidth throttling by your ISP and assist you to stream at maximum rates. It is also possible to read about free VPN options that may save daily.

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