Best WiFi Hotspot Apps For Android & Iphone, iOS

Now imagine having to pay for internet on each of your devices, provoking right?

To find a way around this obstacle and save up some money, you would need a WiFi hotspot to distribute internet from a source to your other devices, like Best WiFi Hotspot App for your laptops, iPads, iPods, and so on.

Best WiFi Hotspot Apps

Although your smartphone comes with a hotspot feature and setting up the WiFi hotspot on newer smartphones is not so difficult. However, regular users would agree that it has some limits which may not make it good enough to meet your needs.

But you always have the option of hotspot mobile apps, which is why we have compiled a list of WiFi hotspot apps that have proven themselves resourceful to users. Some of them make tethering free, the others have paid versions, but you can be sure of their efficiency.

10 Best WiFi Hotspots Apps

  • (1) PDANET+

Specifically for Android users, the PdaNet+ is a popular tethering app, also the most downloaded on Google Play. Once you have this hotspot application installed on your Android phone, it wouldn’t matter if your phone is rooted or not; you can share network as much as you want.

PDANET+ free wifi hotspot

You can distribute internet network received through Wifi, Bluetooth or USB cable from your laptop, but Android 7.0 or later versions don’t support WiFi mode. Asides from offering fast connection, it also has a very friendly interface where you can customize your hotspot name, and protect your network with a password or a widget.

One thing you need to have in mind about the PdaNet+ is that after the trial period, you would be allowed to use it freely for tethering connection, only that you wouldn’t be able to access secured websites over connections until you upgrade to the paid version.

A free version of PdaNet+ will limit you in the usage time. The PdaNet+ license is $14.94 (currently on sale for $7.95), which also unlock the trial expiration of FoxFi, another Android app to enable WiFi Hotspot on your Android phone without tether plan or rooting.


This mobile application has a lightweight data storage, and it can broadcast a WiFi hotspot network in a secured high speed and simple way. Setting up the WiFi hotspot free does not require any technical expertise because this app has a great interface that makes it user-friendly.


WiFi hotspot free has a free version that makes it available to all Android users without pay. One of its unique features is an introductory video to help guide new users. Furthermore, this software has password protection to secure the network from unwanted users, and it also can update itself frequently. Apental apk Likes

Almost all Android devices support this application. With a single click, you can share free WiFi hotspot of 3G and 4G network with other devices.


Your mobile computing experience will definitely change when you come across Portable WiFi hotspot. This application is fast and very simple to operate.


The configuration is required before running this application just because it uses the inbuilt hotspot features of your phone. The software allows you to customize the name of your phone’s WiFi network and, due to its password protection, you can also secure its WiFi network when it is acting as a portable hotspot, such that no random person can connect and leech off your data.

Portable WiFi Hotspot has a great interface which makes it very easy to use. It is also user-friendly, and anybody can operate it. This application can frequently update itself once it is connected to the internet.


Apart from providing the required primary functions like turning on the WiFi on your smartphone, there are some other advanced features present in the WiFi Automatic. For instance, you can turn on WiFi when your android device is locked, and this application would not restrict you from sharing hotspot when the phone’s battery is low. Read More About FRP Lock Bypass.


In addition, you can also create a portable mobile hotspot with this application and even watch network traffic as well as other relevant information.

This application comes with a pretty standard looking and easy-to-use interface. WiFi Automatic is user-friendly which makes it usable for a wide range of user, and the frequent update also stands as one of the impressive features of this application.


With a single click, this application enables you to share GPRS, 3G, 4G, and 5G network connection with your friends, families, business partners and an arbitrary number of WLAN compatible devices.


Free WiFi Hotspot Portable is a free version and it doesn’t require any technical know-how for its set up. This application has a lightweight data storage, which enables you to broadcast WiFi, tether secure hotspot from your Android phone with high speed in a simple way.

This application allows you to change the name of the network for easy identification for those that want to connect. What’s more, it will enable you to select the type of security you want for the connection and even allows you to set up a password which is quite important in the long run. Don’t you think this app is amazing?

  • (6) i Phone Modem

iPhoneModem is a small sized app that makes it possible for iPhone users to create hotspot and tether to multiple devices at the same time. This WiFi hotspot app is fast and secure enough to protect your data.


This app is an absolute tool for any iOS user, but the negative aspect is that you are required to have a second helper app on your Mac or PC for them to receive tethering. Another is that iPhoneModem works for only jailbroken devices, and several sections are for paid users.

Moreover, it is easy to use, quick delivering and compatible with almost all iOS ranging from version 2.0 to every latest version. Regardless of your whereabouts, iPhoneModem offers the same fast internet access you have on your iPhone.


You will agree with me that it would feel good to have one of the fastest Cloud WiFi Hotspot finders. WiFi Fast Connect Hotspot Locator is not only fast, but it also allows you to create a free cloud account which enables you to register your compatible device for automatic connection. So when you turn on your hotspot with this android app in the range of thousands of cloud hotspots, you do not need to re-enter username and password.

This application is fast and very easy to use, and by switching to it, you could save money by avoiding the use of your mobile data allowance. So do your phone, tablet, wallet and yourself a favor and download WiFi Fast Connect Hotspot Locator now!

  • (8) iTETHER

Provided your smartphone has cellular coverage, iTether, as the name implies is an application that allows you to feed your Mac and Laptops with internet through your iDevice’s data plan.


iTether is a high performing WiFi Hotspot app with lovely features. No jailbreak is required on iPhone side if tethering is enabled officially. It has a clean interface with zero configuration, consumes lesser battery and has better security than other apps. The Bluetooth 2.1 speed is up to 3,000,000 bps.

With rapid Bluetooth chip booting up, and free upgrades, you will agree with me that this application saves time and money for all iPhone users.


Optimum WiFi Hotspot Finder is an iOS application that allows its users to locate any other Optimum partner hotspots, whether their devices are connected to the internet or not.


In recent times, this application has a brand new tabbed design with frequently searched places been pre-selected and languages like French and German. French Canadian are now added.

Other features include, real-time search history and place results, locations viewed in Google street view (Google maps required), nearby locations are grouped and revealed by type, real-time travel times are shown in full, search result looks nicer when your whereabouts is unknown, travel times account for current traffic conditions, and the detailed display dynamically hides content on scroll.


Apart from the fact that MyWi WiFi Tethering sucks the life out of an iPhone battery, it is a handy tethering application which enables you to share a network connection with your iPad, laptop and desktops.


This application works as fast as your iPhone’s 3G connection. MyWi WiFi Tethering allows users to change the name of their iPhone hotspot network easily as well as add WEP security.

To maximize this application functionalities, all you need to do is to jailbreak your iPhone (a painless, two-minute process that unlocks the iPhone’s full potential including turning it into a personal WiFi hotspot using MyWi) which is extremely easy.

Final Words

Even after rooting or jailbreaking your device, setting up your hotspot on older devices might be a bit confusing which is why you need a WiFi Hotspot app.

So if you want to turn your smartphone to an effective hotspot, there are several ways you can get this done, but the simplest way is to use one of the WiFi Hotspot apps for your iOS and Android.


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